The fellowship of Brie de Meaux was created in 1991 on the initiative of the city of Meaux. The fellowship is led by the Grand Conseil de l’Ordre. The Grand Conseil de l’Ordre is composed of farmers, cheese makers, cheese merchants and also of people who love this almost two thousand years old Briard cheese.

What are the fellowship aims?

  • To promote the Brie de Meaux, its AOC label (a guarantee of quality), its origins and its features within the framework of direct consumption and culinary blends.
  • To conserve and restore the traditions, habits and customs, which make Brie de Meaux part of the Brie region’s and Ile de France’s folklore.
  • To promote nutritutional habits of people. To perpetuate and reveal the unique quality of this cheese, especially thanks to tourism and Les Chemins de la Gastronomie.
  • To establish and ensure good contacts with the other wine or cheese fellowships in order to find and promote new culinary blends with these products.

The fellowship attempts to use all the communication means (advertisement, events, etc.) to achieve its goals and organize the promotion of Brie de Meaux.